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Starboard Converse Wood +

von Mara am 07.01.17

Starboard Converse Wood +

In December I got my new hardboard. Before I had the Vandal Flow 12'6 Touring iSUP but I wanted to change to a hardboard. The Vandal was really heavy and stable - I was too easy for me. My new one should be more wobbly.

I found my new board via ebay Kleinanzeigen and picked it up in Nürnberg. I was afraid that it's too heavy for transporting by train but that was absolutely reasonless. The new board is way lighter than my old iSUP and as I also got a new bag the transfer was quite easy. The train guards were really friendly and asks me to help with getting in and out. Usually you have to pay for bicycles but not for boards. I don't know why but I'm glad about that.

So far I toured two times with my new SUP but I already want to tell you about it. The board is 9'6 x 30'' and has five fin boxes. I just tried using truster fin (one big fin in the middle and two smaller ones next to it) but I also want to try quad fin (four small fins) soon.

Using truster fin the board is really agile and that's exactly what it wished. Of course the iSUP was better paddling straight forward. For me it's okay to change the side of paddling more times. The board is really fast, similar to my old touring SUP. I didn't exspect that as it's only 9'6 long compared to 12'6.

I'm really stable on my board because I'm small and quite light but it's more wobbly than my Vandal. So I have to work harder - perfect! - but I don't have to concentrate on not falling into water all the time.

I already love my new board. I have to use it at the sea next spring or summer but right now it's too cold. I'm really excited how the board does on longer tours. We've just got a luggage rack: I will show it to you after its first use so you can be curious!

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